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Is there any Moslem Mullah, who is in tandem with the modern world?

In spite of technological developments and in the 15 years after the start of the 3rd millennium, a large portion of the Moslem society, still remains in a state of unconsciousness and is still under the ruling of the unwise Mullahs.
מערכת טלנירי | 8/7/15, 12:51

In spite of technological developments and in the 15 years after the start of the 3rd millennium, a large portion of the Moslem society, still remains in a state of unconsciousness and is still under the ruling of the unwise Mullahs.  

Notwithstanding our happiness or unhappiness, some of these Mullahs, such as Khomeini and Khamenei, have been competent enough to mobilize millions of people against the security of our holy land and their success in this way, has inflicted a lot of expenses upon us during the last 35 years.  Definitely, without the revolution of Iranians under the leadership of these Mullahs, we could have conquered the lands stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates.  Unfortunately, creating impediments on our way, these Mullahs have confronted us with several security and military challenges.

Support of Iran from the Hezbollah terrorist group is publicly known and even Iranian leaders do not make any efforts to conceal it. This group had created big problems for us in Lebanon and has changed to a nightmare for us in the northern Israeli borders.  It is noticeable that this group is also led by the Shiite Mullahs.  The support of Iranians from the anti-Israel Mullahs in Iraq is also well known.  Sistani, Hakim and the like, instead of studying and teaching in their religious classrooms, have always encouraged people to fight against Israel and had claimed that the war against Israel is a type of worshipping God.  They make these claims, although they know that in view of the Islamic religious orders, a clergyman shall deal only with the religious issues and his entry into politics distances him from the God. 

Thousands of miles away, in the old lands that were the destination of immigration of some parts of our people thousands of years ago, i.e. the Indian peninsula, we are confronted with the same challenge.  The Iranian Revolution have invited the Mullahs and stupid people of the region to fight against Israel and claims that everybody killed in the war against the Israeli State, shall directly go to paradise, which is a great lie.  In these regions, many Mullahs, cooperate in the war against the oppressed State of Israel based upon the teachings of Khomeini and Khamenei and get away from God with their behaviors.  

During the last three years, I had carried out studies in this regard and the question was formed in my mind that when our religious brothers of Baha’ism are living comfortably in Islam Abad and New Delhi, and they have no opponents, why these Mullahs are trying to instigate hatred among Moslems against the oppressed people of Israel?  Can’t they see the destiny of Iran? Can’t they understand that those who fight against the Jewish rightful religion shall be confronted with the opposition of the international community and different nations? 

However, in my studies, I have also confronted some exceptions, which show that there are some noble-minded Mullahs in the Islamic world. We can be hopeful to enjoy their existence and positive influence.   Among such Mullahs, I was confronted with Maulana Samiolhagh and Maulana Ludhianvi (leaders of two great religious-political groups) in Pakistan.  Although I was not successful in meeting these two leaders, I hope to invite them to visit the Alaqsa Mosque in Israel one day.  These religious clergymen managed to acquire great popularity among the Moslems of Pakistan.  In their teachings, instead of mindlessly encouraging people against Israel, these two Mullahs deal with the dangers of the Iranian Revolution and their Mullah leaders, which show the deep understanding by these two Mullahs of international issues. I read in one of the pamphlets written by Maulana Samiolhagh that the war against Iranians and being killed in this way is a way of worshiping God.  However, the war against Israel has not been and is not our priority currently, since Palestinians have reached reconciliation with Israelis and during the peace time, the beginning of war against Israel is prohibited.”

Maulana Ludhianvi has said in one of his preaches in 2014 in the city of Pishavar that: “Fighting against Jews, after the victories during the holy prophet time, was closed off and the war against Israel does not have any religious justification and authorization.” 

The thinking style of these two great religious leaders have deeply influenced me and satisfied me that Israel still may think of good friends in the South Asian region, in addition to Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Jordan and Morocco.  I think that if the Israeli State contributes the expenses to buy one tank per month, to each one of these clergymen, may fight more effectively against the Iranian Revolution and its ruling Mullahs. Consequently, I suggest that this plan is provisioned in our agenda.  With this method, the anti-Semitism among Moslems shall be removed without any military clash and the security of our citizens shall be obtained more satisfactorily than before. 

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